The next generation of Zoo industry presented in concept by Holosoft

The next generation of Zoo industry presented in concept by Holosoft

Holosoft is an application and a number of different digital solution designed to refresh Zoo attendance experience and directed to distant connect to Zoo inhabitants and encouragement to animals anatomy learning.

Nowadays, Zoos have multiple problems with financing, ethical dilemmas and difficulties with engagement new customers. Modern technologies could give an impetus in solving this problems and provide a new level in Zoo industry developing.

Using of XR technologies could help to look at the whole industry not through the prism of enclosure, but to see the animals in their real habitat. To see the processes, which visitors are unlikely to witness live. Hunting, reproduction, birth, development – visualization of these processes visitors could see both in interactive locations within the zoo and in their smartphones.

Holosoft offers VR Tours – a series of interactive educational and entertaining VR products filmed in 4K VR or scenes featuring animated 3d models. Interaction Zones – objects that visitors can interact using an augmented reality technologies. And Interactive Map – an in-App feature that provides all navigation inside the Zoo. Shows a list of XR activities, timetable and every object visitor can see on the grounds of the Zoo.

The developers also promise an analogue tamagochi that will be tied to a real animal. In this way users can not only develop their virtual pet, but also help the real zoo inhabitant.