Creating AR & VR Solutions for your Business

We help companies introduce new solutions based on AR & VR development, mobile development, which reduce transaction costs and attract new clients.


We Will Help you Realize your Idea as a Team

Our experienced team of engineers, designers and artists creates modern interactive content for all platforms and implements it as a unique product.

Technology Expertise

Developing complete solution from server to client

Complex crossplatform development

Diversity of the technical stack

XR Devices

Complete set of devices of various configurations for testing

Oculus Quest, Hololens (1, 2), HTC Vive, Leap Motion

Art Assets Creation

Creation of 3D and 2D art assets optimized for game engines

Technical art & FX

From stylized to photorealistic


If you’re just studying XR technology and you don’t know where to start, or you have an idea, but you need a guide to help you implement it, we’re here to help.

What We Can Do

VR Development

The more interesting and innovative the universe we create, the more emotionally it evokes. Using a virtual reality headset, the user gains access to the entire virtual world. Explore. The possibilities are infinite.

MR Development

Mobile applications are the most common way to publish augmented reality. All you have to do is install an app on your smartphone.

AR Development

Use augmented reality for advertising, education, cultural guides - it’s an effective way to interact with your audience.

3D Modeling

3D models are used in a variety of environments, including video games, films, architecture, illustration, engineering and commercial advertising.

Mobile Development

VR or AR is the ideal tool for a corporate event or a full-fledged gameplay for a wide network of players around the world.

Game Development

VR or AR is the ideal tool for a corporate event or a full-fledged gameplay for a wide network of players around the world.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

An interactive three-dimensional world created in real time allows us to interact with virtual reality. The best example are games, but there are more and more applications that we can use to watch product presentations, build instructions for complex devices, or show worlds that no longer exist.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is a blend of physical and digital worlds, unlocking the links between human, computer, and environment interaction. This new reality is based on advancements in computer vision, graphical processing power, display technology, and input systems.

Mixed Reality
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (also known as AR) adds to the reality that you usually see, not replaces it. Show a layer of virtual elements in the world that you see, and add a note of science fiction to your everyday life.

Mobile Development

A mobile application is the simplest way to use AR, as there are so many devices available for use. AR technology in mobile applications has many applications, even in industries such as HR, e-commerce, medicine, development, and even entertainment (cultural services). Wherever a single product presentation is required, AR applications work best.

Mobile Development

3D Modeling

Three-dimensional modeling is the process of using software to create a mathematical representation of a three-dimensional object or form. The object is called a three-dimensional model, and these three-dimensional models are used in various industries. In film, television, video games, architecture, construction, product development, science and medicine, 3D models are used for visualization, modelling and visualization of graphic design.

Game Development

The game industry is growing stronger every year. Cyber competitions are held all over the world, gathering crowds of fans of a certain sport discipline and professional players thanks to sponsors and their skills. Games are the ideal tool to promote a brand, support gaming in a company, or entertain hundreds of millions of players around the world.

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VR Burning Man
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CHALLENGE XR Casino is the first-ever cross-technology platform for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) gambling SOLUTION We empower traditional brick & mortar and online casinos to reach new players and expand their offerings to extended reality platforms through our SaaS solutions while providing immutable ...
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We Have Some Awesome People

Ihor Andrieiev
Ihor Andrieiev
UX Design, Game Design
Ihor Blahyi
Ihor Blahyi
3D Artist
Oleh Kalashnyk
Oleh Kalashnyk
XR Software engineer

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